Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Affordable Drug Rehab Addiction Information

Our Master’s Camp is a non-profit 90 day men’s faith based recovery program located in Pikeville Tennessee, and sits on 100 acres of scenic rolling hills overlooking our beautiful lake and surrounded by forests and nature. It offers a special kind of serenity and privacy making it a powerful place to recover while you build your relationship between God and yourself.
Unfortunately, many drug rehabilitation centers are so expensive that most people just can’t afford to get the help they need.
Note... Our Master's Camp is for men only. If you are seeking a women's only drug treatment alternative, please visit Providence women's drug rehab center 
We believe that addiction care should be available to everyone and that we all deserve a second chance to have a life full of joy and accomplishment. That’s why our mission is to offer one of the most affordable recovery experiences in the United States to men seeking to heal from chemical addiction, behavior addiction, and sin addiction. Read the rest by clicking the link Christian Rehab Articles.


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    Addiction recovery the Right Drug Rehab or Addiction Treatment Center requires treatment by a medical professional and should never be attempted alone.
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